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Number of cremated remains found is relatively small compare to the size of the community and the length of time for which the mounds were used. This suggests that only important members of the community were buried there or that they were ritual or sacrificial burials.

The Roofbox is located high up above the entrance to the passage however the passage floor gradually rises along the 19 meters of its length so that as it enters the chamber the floor has become level in height to the Roofbox. Leaving cert essay on newgrange order to get the stone up the 1km distance uphill from the river Boyne, it is most likely that the Neolithic people used the transportation technique of logrolling.

Since then this facade has been greatly criticised as not being authentic to the original structure built by the Neolithic people.

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Symbolic figures rather than realistic, in low relief. Consists of 3 sections. Simple human figures stand at the left and right of the cross shaft on the west side. They brought livestock with them, they cleared forests and the whole island had regular contact with land overseas.

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Decoration Decoration mainly consisted of geometric motifs; circles, spirals, arcs, zig zags, lozenges, diamonds, dots in circleswavy parallel or radial lines, concentric circles and rectangles. This information has been compiled from the State Examinations website.

On the far left there are lozenges, and as we move right we can see a triple spiral, then two double spirals surrounded by waves, curves and zig zags. Paper Two - marks First there are two reading comprehensions usually connected to cultural affairs, famous people, current affairs, etc. Spirals and lozenges occur on the left of the design and arcs and oblong shapes dominate the right.

Some believe tat the designs on the stones relate to the movements of sun, moon and planets, which would have been a way to keep track of the seasons and important community events Technique The building of a large structure like Newgrange was a momentous task for people of the Stone Age as their technology was limited to what hey could carry, pull or lever into place, and there was no animals to carry the burdens and the when was not invented yet.

Future Careers with Leaving Certificate Irish Irish is a requirement for entry into a number of third level courses. There is one main chamber and 3 niches, with stone basins Roof of chamber is corbelled, layers of flattish stone in circles, each layer moving further inwards than the one below, until closed by single stone at the top.

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Function Burial chamber, evidence of at least 5 burials being preformed Used for ceremonies and rituals Burial chamber lights upon the 21st of December, which also helped it function as a calendar to the people. The questions are generally about a theme, a feeling, an explanation of a line or did you enjoy the poem, etc.

It also suggests that the society was well established and they had time to make wondrously huge tombs. Kerbstone 52 Situated opposite the entrance stone.

Subpoints of an essay Subpoints of an essay my personal details essays. Meath Constructed around Structure 11m in height and 85m in diameter The passage is 21m long, it is Leaving cert essay on newgrange and roofed with large stones and slopes gently upwards.

Remarkably, huge amounts were carried vast distances to the building site at Newgrange. A corbelled Vault was needed as it was strong enough to hold up the enormous weight of the cairn which presses down from overhead.

Stones tilted downwards to stop water entering the chamber Once there stood 32 standing stones monoliths now there are only 12, believed to be used for astronomical observations.

The Stone Age people obviously from there amazing commitment had a very deep belief in the meaning and function of these tombs, as they were not even used for their own benefit of shelter. Highly decorated but less harmoniously than the entrance stone. Three out of the five poems are printed on the paper.

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The Facade fronting Newgrange is the only part of the structure that was not built by the Neolithic people. When the site was excavated by Archeologists in the ’s and 70’s they found a large amount of white quartz stones on the ground in front of the entrance.

My Leaving Cert Notes The building of a large structure like Newgrange was a momentous task for people of the Stone Age as their technology was limited to what hey could carry, pull or lever into place, and there was no animals to carry the burdens and the when was not invented yet.Art History, Leaving Cert, Leaving Cert Notes.

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Leaving cert essay on newgrange
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