Obama vs clinton

And Brian Beutler thinks this is a good thing: Obama has showed great power in the senate while McCain before 2 years ago has been pretty quiet. Trump is exactly the kind of President we need. Jim Crow laws were written by Democrats. Because he blew YOUR taxpayer money.

The Democratic nominating process is a complex system that has evolved over time, and in close races, it can be difficult under the current system to know who is leading in the delegate count.

Third, pledged delegates in many states are selected at county or state conventions late in the process; thus, the initial primary and caucus results provide only a projection of pledged delegates, highlighted by the discrepancies with the Iowa county convention results.

Blood Feud: The Clintons vs. the Obamas

Obama has a strong record of legislative achievement Obama has a very strong legislative history as a US Senator. Various events such as deaths, elections, and disqualifications may alter the final number of superdelegates voting in the primary.

Is Obama too young? Certainly what you're hearing from Clinton and Obama is a healthier debate than what you're hearing from journalists. Obama is better than David Copperfield. If there is, it's a mighty small one. Defeat in South Carolina, where most Democratic voters are black, would probably doom his presidential bid.

And then, afterward, who helped Gates down the steps? It is argued that Obama's record of successes is, in large part, due to his ability to convince other Senators to support his legislation. The number of new food stamp recipients under Obama is 3 times higher than new job recipients 13, added to food stamp rolls vs 4, new jobs since January Even Saddam's own generals believed it.

Secretary of State prevented her from doing any political fundraising herself. That is not true. Axelrod's performance showed that Mr. Hillary wants to spend more on the failed Obamacare exchanges. And all that failure has been with YOUR money…taxpayer money.

They represented almost 20 percent of the total 4, delegates. Blackwell is a contributing editor of Townhall.

Obama Vs. Clinton

The battle lines in the campaign have now been redrawn to a struggle between Mr Obama and both Clintons, which one tabloid US newspaper billed as "Obama vs Billary". Green energy investments by the billions. Log in here Comment on this item Submission of reader comments is restricted to NY Sun sustaining members only.

Hillary Clinton vs Obama game

Obama lacks the experience necessary to be an effective president.Aug 17,  · Obama vs: Clinton. Who was the better president.

Discussion in 'The Vestibule' started by GTA3AVCASA, Aug 17, Page 1 of 2 1 2 Next > GTA3AVCASA I give you a five minute window. While Clinton has aired more ads than Trump, she has spent less than Obama For America, which dropped $65 million on media buys in August For perspective, that’s more than the Clinton.

Feb 11,  · Team Clinton is dismissing polls showing that Barack Obama beats likely GOP nominee John McCain in a national matchup.

2008 Democratic Party presidential primaries

Top Clinton strategist Mark Penn said Clinton. Barack Obama vs Hillary Clinton comparison. Hillary Clinton (born October 26, ) is the junior United States Senator from New York and a member of the Democratic Party. She is married to Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, and was the.

Apr 13,  · First Lady Michelle Obama continues to "resent" Hillary Clinton, wanted Joe Biden to run for president in and is eager to leave the White House so. Jan 22,  · Barack Obama lashed out at Hillary Clinton and her husband Bill in a debate in South Carolina this morning, angrily accusing the New York senator .

Obama vs clinton
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