Short essay about food chain

This food chain starts from green plants producerspasses through the herbivore primary consumers and ends with carnivore secondary or tertiary consumers. Let us take an example to understand the meaning of food chain. In this food web, we can see Short essay about food chain network of numerous pathways along which the food or energy flows within grassland community.

The Food Chains The transfer of food energy from the producers, through a series of organisms with repeated eating and being eaten, is known as a food chain.

These animals are in turn eaten by some minnows and small game fish etc. The food web has many intercrosses and linkages among the various species producers and consumers present in it.

A brief description of the source of food is as under: These include herbivores, omnivores and primary carnivores.

Short Essay on Food Web

In the 4th food chain, plants are eaten by seed-eating birds and the seed-eating birds are consumed by hawks: Ecosystems with such type of food chain are directly dependent on an influx of solar radiation. Short essay on food web in eco-system Article shared by In nature, food chain relationships are very complex.

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In the 5th food chain, plants are eaten up by grasshopper and the grasshopper is consumed by hawks: There are as many as six food chains operating in the food web shown above which have been marked 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6.

Short essay on food web in eco-system

This simple food chain operating in a grassland or forest can be represented as: Thus the detritus food chain ends up in a manner similar to the grazing food chain big fish eat little fishbut the way in which the two chains begin is quite different.

Charles Elton, a British ecologist, however, concluded that the number of links in a food chain rarely exceeds five, because in the process of energy transfer there is always the loss of energy to the environment.

Each organism or living being occupies a specific position in the food chain. Let us take the example of a grassland food chain having four steps or four links. In a pond, lake or sea ecosystem, the algae are eaten up by protozoa; the protozoa are eaten up by small fish; and the small fish is eaten up by big fish.

The energy stored in detritus serves as a source of energy for detrivore. A large number of food chains exist in a community of living organisms in an ecosystem such as grassland, a forest, a pond or a crop-field.

A good example of a detritus food chain is based on mangrove leaves. All the animals are detritus consumers. This means that the various food chains in an ecosystem do not operate in isolation or alone.

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From energy standpoint, these chains are very important. The starting point of a food chain is a category of organisms called producers. It is the production of food from aquatic habitats — marine and freshwater. These herbivores constitute the second trophic level.

The above food chain can be represented more clearly with the help of a diagram as follows.

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In the 6th food chain, plants are eaten by grasshopper, grasshopper is eaten by frog, frog is eaten by snake and then snake is consumed by hawk: Organisms, whose food is obtained from plants by the same number of steps are said to belong to the same tropic level.Short Essay on Food Web.

Article shared by. The producer-consumer arrangement is one kind of structure known as trophic structure (trophic = food) and each food (nutritional) level in the food chain is called trophic level or energy level. Essay on Functioning of the Ecosystem.

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The Food Chains The transfer of food energy from the producers, through a series of organisms with repeated eating and being eaten, is known as a food chain. The green plants utilise the radiant energy of the sun, which is transformed to chemical form, by synthesizing the complex organic molecules.

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Article shared by. In nature, food chain relationships are very complex. Thus, instead of a food chain, a number of food chains are interconnected with each other and form a web-like structure known as ‘food web’.

Short essay on the significances of food chains. Analysis of “Top of the food chain” short story Irony in Top Of the Food Chain Essay Irony in "Top of the Food Chain" by T.

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Coraghessan Boyle's "On Top of the Food Chain" is more than just a narration of a selfish person's mistakes. The narrator's tone is a.

Short essay about food chain
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