The daily struggles of alex in the universe versus alex woods a novel by gavin extence

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Gavin Extence

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"The Universe Versus Alex Woods" by Gavin.

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The Universe Versus Alex Woods; By: Perfectly crafted and beautifully written The Universe vs Alex Woods may be a debut novel but it is an outstanding novel by any standards. Unforgettable." (Red "This is an extraordinary debut novel. For me Gavin Extence has produced in his narrator and hero Alex one of the most intriguing literary.

Gavin Extence (born ) is an English writer. Extence won the Waterstones 11 literary prize for his first book The Universe Versus Alex Woods (). He has a PhD in Film studies, is married, has a daughter and is also a keen chess player.

The Universe Versus Alex Woods is Extence's début novel and is "the everyday tale of a teenage science Notable awards: Waterstones 11 (). Day. 1 Thursday May 30, Publishers Weekly’s Show Daily is produced each day during the BookExpo in New York.

The Universe Versus Alex Woods

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The daily struggles of alex in the universe versus alex woods a novel by gavin extence
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